Since the forming of Animals III by Martin Bland and George Fearon  in 2014, we are proud to announce the longevity of the amazing and professional members of our band; George Fearon (ex Animals) 8 years, Martin Bland (ex Animals) 8 years, Steve Lamb (ex Tygers of Pan Tang) 6 years, George Defty (ex Gordie) over 3 years and Norman Seabrook (ex Thunderclap Newman) now celebrating one year with the band.
 Martin Bland after the success of his band The UK Legends, together with George Fearon in 2014, over 13 years after The Animals and Animals II broke up in 2001came up with the idea of forming a new band that would be continuation the legacy of the legendary band The Animals. Martin and George, members of "Hilton Valentine's Animals" and "Animals II" decided to invite Steve Hutchinson, who was also a member of Animals II, to join their project. Because there were three members of The Animals in the band and it was the third generation then Martin proposed to name the band "Animals III". Under this name band, thanks to Martin's musical experience and very good management, left their mark in many countries, providing the authenticity of the original Animals band. Over the years, the band has had a few members changes, finally to settled on a very strong line up featuring: George Fearon, Martin Bland, Steve Lamb, George Defty and Norman Seabrook